660 Guitars Launches Website

Website Screen ShotAfter making a huge splash with their debut at this year’s winter NAMM show in Anaheim, California, 660 Guitars announces the launch of their long-awaited website: http://www.660guitars.com/.

The easy-to-navigate website features full-color imagery and high-definition videos. Special features include a two-and-a-half-minute behind-the-scenes interview with company founders Drew Emory and Myke Wilkerson discussing 660’s history, and a step-by-step photo essay explaining the 660 design process. A News section keeps fans up to date on 660 events and activities. The Guitar page offers detailed technical information about all 660 instruments. Customers can select and order their 660 Guitars directly via the website’s shopping cart.

660 Guitars was forged on the friendship of Drew Emory and Myke Wilkerson, independent builders who found they shared the same ideas in constructing guitar bodies out of metal, namely aircraft-grade aluminum. Aluminum is an extremely rugged and durable building material and offers the guitar world a change from traditional wood. The results are warm and resonant guitars with tank-like construction and minimal weather-related issues. 660 Guitars feature powder coating, carbon fiber/graphite necks, and weigh 7 ½ pounds.

Traditional instruments are subject to many issues, including humidity, airline handling, and general use. All 660 Guitars’ instruments are handcrafted with pride in the U.S., precision engineered, and built to exacting standards to minimize maintenance and downtime, while ensuring the instruments are around for generations.

To learn more about 660 Guitars, visit www.660guitars.com.

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