Love and Hurricanes Cover ArtSan Diego based rock and roll band, Dolan Brotherhood announces the release of their debut album titled Love and Hurricanes. Entering the studio with the motto “Deliver that vibe,” the end result is something that can be described as soul, groove, and heart. Love and Hurricanes is available now for purchase at

The EP comprises of six songs reminiscent of bands such as Alice In Chains, Audioslave, and Foo Fighters. Powerful guitar riffs drive the album from start to finish and the songs are highlighted with strong vocal harmonies. Love and Hurricanes includes tracks “Show Me the Way”, “Sky”, “Promise”, “Lights”, “The Lesson”, and “ONYD”.

Dolan Brotherhood consists of Arnold Sears (vocals), James Brady (guitar), Dave Garcia (bass), and Tom Wallace (drums). Each is influenced by a multitude of musical styles including classic rock, progressive rock, motown, metal, pop, folk, classical, and more. This is apparent through the versatility of their music.

Dolan Brotherhood band PhotoThe band decided on their name to honor their friend Frank Dolan, who passed of esophageal cancer in 2011. James and Arnold had befriended Frank from performing in bands together and had a close friendship. Arnold came up with the name Dolan Brotherhood while recording “Sky”. The band decided to move forward with it in hopes that they could make their friend Frank proud.

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