Beatcan Launches 2.0 Music Library Site

Beatcan Logo

LOS ANGELES, CA – Hot off the heels of its initial launch in December, Beatcan is debuting Beatcan 2.0.  The customers spoke and Beatcan listened.  As of today, users of the music library site can purchase single tracks without a subscription and even obtain exclusive buyouts on tracks.


“Major agencies and brands started asking for exclusivity on files. That told us we were heading in the right direction. Requests for exclusive buyouts is a testament to the quality we are offering on the site.” stated Andy Andersson, CEO of Beatcan.  Andersson added, “The second new feature is to allow users to purchase tracks individually, without a subscription.  We didn’t even consider this as an option in the beginning but it was a major discussion in our feedback.  As soon as we added the feature, we saw immediate results.”


Striving to provide a one-stop solution for professional, royalty-free music and sound effects, has launched a website that offers audio files at a fraction of the price found elsewhere.  All audio tracks are made by professional producers that once downloaded, are the customers to keep – forever.


Providing flexibility and variety are additional elements the creators wanted to provide. Each composition is more than just a final mix. Beatcan offers the stems (multi-tracks) and Pro-Tools session files to give the user every possible option to getting the best quality sound for their production. Plus, navigation of the site has been created to allow users to search by genre, instrument, mood, or project.


All content on is cleared worldwide to eliminate any confusion in usage rights and may be used for any project: commercial or personal, including feature film, documentaries, broadcast, commercials, industrial, educational, games and internet content.  Unlike other sites, users get to keep the rights to the audio, even after the subscription has ended.


Founded by Swedes Andy Andersson (musician, songwriter, producer and lead guitarist for the multi-platinum, American rock band Fuel) and Peter Jidesten (creative director, entrepreneur and investor), they have created a unique service that removes the headaches with traditional licensing services and expedites the time of finding the right composition at just a click of the button.



To learn more about Beatcan, please visit

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